VMworld US 2015 Announcements – First Day

For those of you who missed the General Session yesterday at VMworld here are some of the announcements:

Multicloud vMotion – a lot of time was spent on this. We will now be able to vMotion VMs across platforms, such as on-premises to vCloud Air and between VMware powered clouds. 

vSphere Integrated Containers – VMware is work with Pivotal and several diffferent container companies to integrate containers into the vSphere environment. There was some debate over how useful this would be because they’re still run on VMs. Some people feel this is pointless while others think it’s great VMware is embracing the container movement through what they’re calling Project Photon. We will see what happens with this in the future.

EVO: SDDC Manager – This was actually announced last year as EVO:RACK. Apparently that was just a code name, but it’s basically a converged infrastructure of all VMware software solutions and some hardware server solutions from companies like Dell.

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