Talk the talk: VoIP systems call up business benefits you just can’t help smile about

VoIP, an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol, is an umbrella term that covers pretty much all kinds of transmission capabilities that use the Internet as the medium of data transmission. Also called Internet telephony, VoIP systems convert voice data signals into compressed digital data, translate them into Internet protocol packets, send them over the World Wide Web to a destination system, and reverse the process there. So, VoIP systems enable anybody to make calls using a computer, as long as it’s equipped with a VoIP phone. The augmented services of VoIP systems are way ahead as compared to traditional phones. In this guide, we’ll cover the most important VoIP benefits aimed at businesses that can put a smile on any manager’s face, well unless they watched “Meet the Parents II,” “Kill Bill” (I or II), “The Force Awakens,” “Jurassic World,” or some other weak and disappointing movie — that takes a couple of days to recover from, and you may never get that time back!

Insurmountable cost-per-call benefits

VoIP systems

Almost every business decision can be tilted in either direction by bringing in the cost equation. In the case of evaluating VoIP phones for your business, the cost factor will help you get the budget you want for the procurements and installations. That’s because the cost-per-call for VoIP phones is less than other alternatives for business.

  • VoIP technology doesn’t come under the ambit of regular tariff rules such as those for GSM and landlines.
  • VoIP service providers also don’t have to pay the kind of taxes that regular telephony service providers need to pay, which helps them offer their services at lower costs.
  • Plus, interconnection charges are not a part of the pricing equation for VoIP, unlike traditional telephony. All these factors accumulate into significant cost cuttings on telephony costs per month.

And since remote voice communication is going to be there as long as your business, it’s worth spending upfront to benefit from the lifetime cost savings.

Quick, low-cost communication

Mobility is an enabler of success for businesses; ask any entrepreneur! Many businesspersons need to travel to leverage business opportunities, and that’s where the need for low-cost, always accessible, and reliable telephony systems that enable them to contact employees, customers, investors, or anyone in any corner of the world without worrying about costs becomes crucial. VoIP systems offer this flexibility, apart from a ton of other benefits.

  • Companies can even change offices without having to worry about procuring new telephony lines or sharing new telephone numbers with clients if they invest in VoIPs.
  • Anybody can log into the VoIP system and start using the telephone service just using a broadband connection.
  • As long as you have Internet access, you can use your office VoIP systems for low-cost calling across the globe.
  • For traveling businesspeople, the only requirement is that they need a headset! Don’t forget your toothpaste though; teeth maintenance is ongoing no matter what!

Unmatched flexibility

The flexibility offered by VoIP services is absolutely amazing and makes them totally incomparable to traditional telephone systems.

  • VoIP systems allow you to use your conventional phone with the help of devices known as VoIP telephone adapters or VoIP converters.
  • These converters look just like routine USB drives and can be plugged into computers.
  • Once done, these devices start converting signals from analog phones into digital format and transmit them to any corner of the world using the Internet.

Of course, the one caveat is that the computer needs to be switched on for this functionality. This avenue enables businesses that have already invested heavily in analog telephone systems, and wish to continue using the hardware to offset the depreciation of the assets for some years.

Also, VoIP systems help you acquire a unique personal VoIP number. This number is all you need to be able to use low-cost, and reliable telephone services from any place in the world, as long as you have high-speed Internet.

Enabler of integration with the enterprise’s digital assets

Because VoIP telephones use the Internet for sending and receiving digitized voice data, they can be integrated with many other communication and data-management systems. This can deliver massive business benefits. For instance, consider a case where the VoIP system is integrated with a CRM system.

The result — whenever an old customer calls, the integrated system will link the contact number with the recent order history of the customer, enabling the CSR to suggest products with a high likelihood of being purchased. This is just one example; there is no end to the kind of useful system integrations that can be achieved by linking the VoIP system with other systems.

This can help the customer out, too, since it saves them time because the person they are speaking with understands them more.

Video calling and teleconferencing without additional costs


VoIP systems, even though the nomenclature suggests otherwise, can be used for a lot more than voice data transmission. For instance, video conferencing can be enabled using VoIP systems with complementary camera hardware. This can significantly improve the quality of communication your employees have with your customers, vendors, and among themselves.

Also, conference calls using VoIP are much more convenient and effective than otherwise. That’s because VoIP uses a converged network; this makes such systems perfect for handling multiple callers at the same time. For businesses that need several telecommuting workers to be on daily calls, these functionalities make VoIPs a must-have instead of a mere nice-to-have.

Other stellar benefits of VoIP systems


That is right – there are several other benefits of VoIP that make them the perfect choice for any office, irrespective of the scale or purpose.

  • It’s super easy to scale up VoIP telephony infrastructure in your company, should the need arrive.
  • Maintenance of existing VoIP infrastructure is inexpensive and easy to manage.
  • With bare minimum wiring requirements, VoIP makes the modern office look “good,” because there’s no need to have traditional telephony cables crawling everywhere.
  • Modern VoIP systems come with dedicated apps that add considerable value to the communications experience.
  • With additional plugins that bolster sound quality, enable meeting recording, and provide screen-sharing capabilities, VoIP makes a strong case as a communications platform for businesses.

Make the mountains move

Communication makes mountains move, and businesses learn this fact over time. Embrace VoIP systems, because moving your business mountains becomes much easier with these systems by your side.

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