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If you spend much time with regulatory compliance projects (and who isn’t these days?), you’ve likely run into the COBIT guidelines. If not, COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies. The guidelines, processes and procedures outline by the COBIT framework are the core of almost all regulatory compliance assessments. While not a Microsoft publication and not focused on Microsoft infrastructures, you’ll find that Microsoft’s catalog of security and management products will enable you to meet your IT governance goals set forth by COBIT.

The COBIT Focus newsletter includes a number of excellent articles by experts in the COBIT framework. Some the articles in the Vol. 1 2008 newsletter include:

  • New Publication From ITGI: IT Control Objectives for Basel II, by Urs Fischer
  • Make “MyCOBIT” Your COBIT, by Steve Reznik
  • COBIT Education Takes Off, by Brian Childers
  • COBIT: The Metaframework for Compliance, by Buck Kulkarni
  • COBIT and IT Governance Case Study: Jefferson Wells Ensures Effective IT Control for Sarbanes-Oxley Review
  • Extending COBIT for IT Innovation Governance, by Eva Simkova
  • Mapping ITIL v3 to COBIT, by Jimmy Heschl
  • ISACA South Africa Chapter Holds COBIT Event Alongside Annual Conference

Download the newsletter for free at www.isaca.org/cobitnewsletter



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