vSphere 5 licensing white paper explains the licensing beast

Learn to navigate VMware’s licensing changes.

Although I’m not a fan at all of VMware’s new licensing scheme – I do not believe it to be customer-centric in any way, shape or form – it’s not so bad that I’m going to ditch the use of VMware at work. The fact is that VMware remains the market leader from a features and stability perspective, but I fully expect Microsoft to continue to work to try to close the gap as time goes on. Until then, it’s a VMware world, for better or worse.

Now, I’m probably being unfair to VMware a bit since most vendors these days – at least large ones – seem to have convoluted and, frankly, ridiculous licensing schemes in place. Fortunately, to help navigate the morass, VMware has put together a white paper entitled VMware vSphere 5 Licensing, Pricing and Packaging. In this twelve page white paper, you will learn, among other things:

  • The ins and outs of vRAM licensing and how to calculate it.
  • The reasons that VMware eliminated core and physical RAM limits.
  • How vSphere 5-based desktops are licensed.
  • The features available in each vSphere 5 edition.
  • Edition changes and upgrade paths.
  • How to upgrade between vSphere 5 editions.

Download the white paper and make sure you understand how to stay in compliance with VMware’s licensing policies.
Written by: Scott Lowe, follow me on Twitter

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