vSphere 5.1 and vCloud Suite pricing

As you may have heard, VMware has succumbed to good sense and has finally ended vRAM, a licensing scheme that was introduced with vSphere 5.0 last year.  In its place, the company has moved back to per-socket pricing, but this time there are no core limitations as there were with vSphere 4.  The new licensing is retroactive to vSphere 5 as well.  VMware wants to our vRAM as far behind it as possible.

All prices below are per socket.

vSphere 5.1 is available in the following editions at these prices:

  • Standard. $995 + SnS.
  • Standard with Operations Management. $1,995 + SnS.
  • Enterprise. $2,875 + SnS.
  • Enterprise Plus. $3,495 + SnS.

In addition to the end of vRAM, VMware released the VMware vCloud Suite.  This is not necessarily a brand new product but is a conglomeration of a number of existing products into a single SKU.  From VMware, here is a list of the products included in VMware vCloud Suite:

  • vSphere. Virtualized infrastructure with policy-based automation.
  • vCloud Director. Virtualized datacenters with multi-tenancy and public cloud extensibility.
  • vCloud Connector. Integrated viewing and dynamic transfer of workloads between private and public clouds.
  • vCloud Networking and Security. Software defined networking, security, and ecosystem integration.
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Automated disaster recovery planning, testing, and execution.
  • vCenter Operations Management Suite. Integrated, proactive performance, capacity, and configuration management for dynamic cloud environments.
  • vFabric Application Director. Multi-tier application service catalog publishing and provisioning.

vCloud Suite is also licensed on a per socket basis and is available in these editions and prices:

  • vCloud Suite Standard. $4,995 + SnS.
  • vCloud Suite Advanced.. $7,495 + SnS.
  • vCloud Suite Enterprise. $11,495 + SnS.

It should be noted that the individual vCloud Suite products are still available individually, too.  However, if you do purchase them a la carte, they are licensed under their old pricing models, many of which were based on per VM prices.

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