vSphere 6.0 Released

Last week the newest version of VMware vSphere was released. vSphere 6.0 has some cool new features, that I would probably classify as extensions of previous features. For example, we are no longer prohibited to only use 1vCPU when utilizing Fault Tolerance for our VMs. FT let’s you create a VM and have another VM be its exact replica so that you can failover to it when you need a very highly available applicaiton or VM. 

Some other features, that I’m more excited about, are the ability to vMotion from vCenter to vCenter. Previously you could only migrate live VMs between clusters within the same vCenter. With cross vCenter vMotion we get some disaster avoidance that we didn’t have before. Perhaps more important than that, though, is the ability to migrate data centers easily perhaps during storage upgrades and doing fresh installs of vCenter. This could make a lot of admins and post-sales engineers’ lives much easier! For more information check out the VMware vSphere site.

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