Windows 2000 Automatically Log On

To keep up the security, Users have to identify themselves during the Log-on process by
entering their username (and optional a password).
But if you are the only person having access and using the system (like at home) or if the system runs an automatic process without any user-control, you like the system to bootup (for example after a power-lost situation) without the requirement to press the Ctrl-Alt-DEL and entering your username, you like the boot process to continue immediately bringing up the desktop, starting up any program in the “Start-Up” program-folder ( as possible on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT4 with TweakUI (or a manual Registry setting).

Windows 2000 offers this functionality as part of the
“Users and Password” applet in the Control-panel.
By default, user are required to
log on (the famous “ctrl-Alt-Del”
during bootup), as defined by
the checkmark.
To bootup without Log-On screen,
select first the default User Name and
then take off the Checkmark.
But this is NOT the “unsecure
Windows95/98, because even
if you allow such a bootup
without the identification of a
user via the Logon-process,
Windows 2000 ensures a minimum
level of security:
On selecting OK:
You are prompted to define
the default username (uses by
default the select user of the
previous window) and passsword
to bypass the Logon- window.

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