Windows 2000 Install DHCP Server

Windows 2000 uses/installs as default TCP/IP protocol. While in a small home network it is easy
to assign manually the IP-addresses (or use the Windows98/ME Auto-IP-configuration and / or
the Windows2000 Auto-IP-configuration), you will on an office network like to use the “comfort”
of using a DHCP-server to control and manage the distribution of IP-addresses.
Like on Windows NT4, where the DHCP-server is only available on NT4-Server and not with
Windows NT4-workstation, the DHCP-server is not included in Windows2000 Professional, but
only on the Windows 2000 Server versions.
Note: on the system, where the DHCP-server is getting installed, you MUST use a static
(= manually assigned) IP-address :

Like with all other
Server related components,
you can start the setup
of the DHCP-server from
Configure Your Server“,
which is part of the
Administrative Tools

On the left side, expand on “Networking” , select “DHCP” and then
start the “Windows Component Wizard” :

To start the “Windows Component Wizard“, you could also have used in the Control-Panel the
applet for “Add / Remove Programs” and selected to “Add / Remove Windows Components” :

Select (click on) the line “Networking Services” and then click on the button “Details” :

Locate and select the line by placing
the checkmark on :
Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol (DHCP)
(other items may already be selected),
continue with “OK
Back in the window of
Windows Component Wizard“,
continue now with “Next

The system will rumble while
configuring the network components.
and then you are “Finished

You will need to configure the DHCP-server
before it can be used.

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