Windows 2000 Network Card Installation

Due to its Plug-and-Play capability, Windows 2000 should detect your network card and
install the proper drivers (which worked fine on my system with my Realteak card, but first I had to learn
that Intel does not anymore support the “EtherExpress 16 ISA” and therefore also Windows2000 does NOT
support the “INTEL EtherExpress 16” ISA network card), then you should just verify the proper
installation of the network.

But some older non-Plug&Play ISA network adapter will not get detected by Windows2000
automatically, you will need to install the network driver manually:

While under Windows NT4 and Windows95/98, it is possible to add a network adapter from within
the Network configuration, Windows2000 allows (like Windows ME ) to add any new hardware
component only via the “Control Panel” using “Add / Remove Hardware” , which will start up
the “Add/Remove Hardware Wizard” ::

You will need to use the
Wizard (sorry, no shortcuts),
continue with “Next”
On the screen
Choose a Hardware Task“:
Select to :
Add/Troubleshoot a device
On the screen
New Hardware Detection“:
Windows2000 will search
for new “Plug and Play
components, but will not find a
NON- Play&Play card.
Just wait for this to finish.

On the screen:
Choose a Hardware Device“:
we like to add a new
network card driver, select
Add a new device
On the screen :
Find New Hardware“:
you can try to let Windows2000
search for the new hardware,
which can take several minutes.
It did not work for me, it did NOT
find my old NON Plug & Play ISA
card, so I had to select, that
No, I want to select the hardware
from a list
On the screen :
Hardware Type“:
Select the type of hardware:
Network adapter
On the screen:
Select Network Adapter“:
Select first the “Manufacturer”,
then the model of the
“Network Adapter”
(I am using here a 3COM 3C509 ISA
in NON-Plug&Play mode, which is
refered to as “Legacy mode”
On the screen :
Start Hardware Installation“:
Windows2000 was not able to
detect the settings of the network card
(I/O-address and INT/IRQ)
You will need to provide the
settings, by either looking at the
jumpers on the network card
or by using the software setup
floppy disk of the network card

and use “Change Setting” to enter
the “Input/Output Range” ad the
Interrupt Request“:
Still on the screen
Start Hardware Installation“:
“Windows will use default settings
to install the software for this
hardware device. To install the
software for your new hardware,
click Next”
Continue with “Next”
Completing the Add/Remove
Hardware Wizard

You are done.
If you did not yet defined the
Settings, you can do it now (or just
verify them) by selecting “Resources“,
otherwise select “Finished”.
screen “System Settings Change:
The installation of a new network
card driver is one of the new items,
which requires a reboot

After the restart, you have a new connection defined in the “Network and Dial-up Connections”:

You can rename the connection, but you should check the “Properties” = Network setup, as
you should do also in case of using a PCI-network card, which Windows2000 would have
detected automatically. In most the cases, you will use the TCP/IP protocol and you should verify
the TCP/IP configuration.
Then you are ready to look at the equivalent of the Win95/98/NT4 Network-Neighborhood,
now called “My Network Places” / “Computers Near Me”.

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