Windows 2000 Configuration of Incoming Connection

After you created the Incoming Connection (Modem Server), you should
check the configuration:

Select the “Properties” of
the “Incoming Connections
tab: General
Shows the active devices,
which are ready to accept
an incoming connection.
(take the Check-mark off
and the modem will NOT
pick up anymore for an
incoming call)
With the Modem selected
(highlighted in blue),
select “Properties”
To avoid callers to “forget”
to hang-up (terminate) a
connection, you can
define an Idle-time after
which the connection will
be disconnected.
tab: Users
If you need to add additional
users to have the permisison
to use the incoming
tab: Network
allows to modify the
network components of
for the Incoming connetions,
usually to adjust the
Properties of the TCP/IP
you can allow access to
ONLY this system or
to any system on the network

We are ready to get an incoming connection:

which will change the icon to become more colorful.

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