Windows 2000 Server: Uninstall Active Directory

When installing Windows 2000 Server, it is configured to work as “Standalone Server”.
Using “Windows 2000 Configure Your Server”, you install Active Directory.
Unlike Windows NT4 server, where it is required to re-install the server software, you can
reconfigure a Windows 2000 Active Directory Server to become again a Stand-alone server
by un-installing Active Directory : “Windows 2000 Configure Your Server” shows the procedure:

Following this instructions ( Start-menu RUN, executing : “dcpromo” ) :

you may have to place the
checkmark, if this system is
the last/only domain controller.
The system checks, whether
you are entitled to make this
downgrade by asking for the
username and password, as
defined in the Active Directory,
Since you are deleting the
Active Directory, the systems
has to revert back to the security
system of a Stand-alone server
(which works like the security
under Windows2000 Prof),
you will need to define to be used
for the Administrator.
Your last chance to change
your mind…………
It really does take several
minutes to un-install.
While waiting, look at that
animated icon: it is actually
erasing the lines from the book…
You will need to restart the

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