Windows 2000 Server: Connection from Windows95/98

The connection from a Windows 95/98 system to a
Windows2000 server is confgured almost identical
to the Connection of a Windows95/98 system to a
NT4 Domain Server when using the Windows95/98
Network clients provided with Windows95/98
without the Windows9x Direcory Service Upgrade:
In a first step, configure the
Windows95/98 system for
Workgroup networking:
1) use same protocol as on the
Win2000 server
2) if you use TCP/IP, make sure that
you can PING the Windows2000
server from your Windows95/98
3) define as name of the Workgroup
the Domain NetBIOS name, as
defined during the configuration of
the Active Directory
(in my example: JHHOME )
make sure, that you can see your
Windows2000 server in the
Network Neighborhood

Once your username has been
defined in the Windows 2000 Server
User Management and you have made
the Logon to your Windows95/98
system at startup with that username,
you are able to access a shared
resource on the server.
You are accessing the server in
“Workgroup Networking mode”
If you get such an IPC$ error
message, then your username was
not yet defined or you did not use
the proper username and Password
at the startup of your system.
To take advantage of executing a
logon script, your Windows95/98
system has to make a
“Logon to the Domain Server”:
In the Network configuration, select
the “Client for Microsoft Networks“,
and display the properties to:
– put a checkmark on
Log on to a Windows NT domain
– enter as Windows NT domain the
Domain NetBIOS name, as defined
during the configuration of the
Active Directory
and used above
already as your workgroup name.

You will need to restart your system and will then get the Domain Logon prompt:

During logon, a logon-script will be execute in case it was defined for this username.

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