Networking between Windows2000 and Windows95/98

When installing a network between a Windows95/98/Me and a Windows2000 system, just make sure that you configure both systems with all required components. (same rules apply when networking between WIndows95/98/ME and WindowsXP) (see also the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q258717 ) :
1) Common protocol: Either install on all system NetBEUI protocol or TCP/IP:

Since the default protocol for Windows 2000 is now TCP/IP, you should also use TCP/IP on the Windows95/98/ME system. (for details on the selection/installation of protocols, please view the Adjust the Network Configuration )

Check on TCP/IP properties: for Windows95, you must define manually an IP-address, for Windows98/ME, you can select to use the Windows 98 TCP/IP AutoConfiguration. however: since the Windows98 Auto-IP-configuration will cause a delay at startup, I strongly suggest to assign manually an IP-address (use an address from the range 192.168.x.x with subnetmask ) test, that you have a working network connection to the Windows2000 system by making the TCP/IP PING test.

Verify the Windows 2000 Network. By default, TCP/IP is installed and configured for an Automatic IP-configuration. Although it will not delay the startup, the network will not be ready for a while, since the IP-address will not yet be defined. I suggest to define the IP-address manually, assigning an IP-address in the same range as defined on the Windows95/98 system. test, that you have a working network connection to the Windows95/98/ME system by making the TCP/IP PING test.

2) Install File-and-Printer Sharing:

You need to install the “File-and-Printer Sharing” on Windows95/98/ME as part of the Network configuration.

“File-and-Printer Sharing” is installed already by default, see the Windows 2000 Network Verification.

3) make sure to be in the same workgroup:

Check in the Network-Configuration, tab: Identification, that the name of the workgroup is the same as defined on the Windows 2000 system.

Check in the Properties of “My Computer”, tab: Network Identification, that the name of the workgroup is the same as defined on the Windows95/98/ME system. if required, adjust it.

4) Make the resources available by Sharing disks/folders on Windows95/98/ME and by sharing disks/folders on Windows2000.

5) create a Windows2000 Username for the user working on the Windows95/98/ME system:

use Windows 2000 User Management to create a username and password on the Windows 2000 system, which is identical to the username and password used for logon on the Windows95/98/ME system

6) Login on the Windows95/98/ME system on startup with the username and password defined in the step above:

7) the Windows95″Network Neighborhood” should allow you now to access the Windows2000 system and the Windows 2000 “My Network Places” / “Computers Near Me” access to the Windows:

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