Unable to Browse the NT Server

You configure your Windows95 system to connect to the NT Domain Server, login to the NT Domain and now want to browse the network via the “Network Neighborhood”, but you get:

It is the issue with the Browse-Master !
You have NO “Browse-Master” ( although you have logged into an NT Domain) !
Check in your “Network”-applet in the Control-Panel:

Properties of the
“Client for Microsoft Networks”:
is your NT-Domain name correct ?
Tab: Identification:
Is your Workgroup name the same ?

in this case, the workgroup-name was NOT the name of the Domain, so your system was searching for a Browse-master in the Workgroup, but that does NOT exist, so you get the error-message !.
Solution: Change your Work-group name to be the name of the Domain.
Now, the Domain server can act as Browse-master for you.

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