WalMart OpenSources OneOps

In 2013 WalMart Labs acquired OneOps, which is a solution that allows admins to handle lifecycling and monitoring in the public cloud. The really cool thing about this solution is that it’s useful for multiple, heterogeneous public clouds. So basically the APIs hook into different public clouds and the admin can administer from one place. This will cut down on necessary skill sets, while also offering some nice redundancy and competitiveness between public cloud vendors.

Last week Walmart Labs decided to offer OneOps as an open source solution. So now, all the code is available on GitHub for all to contribute to. This is an interesting move by WalMart, whose main competition is probably Amazon. I’m not sure if this was a move to hurt Amazon’s public cloud offering. It could also just be cool tech, but I’m guessing there’s a business reason behind this open source maneuver.

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