Weathervane from VMware is now open source

Weathervane, the performance benchmarking tool developed at VMware, is now open source. So you can now use VMware Weathervane for your own customized performance testing and more. And you can even help to shape the future of the tool.

VMware announced the update on its blog, along with some information about how organizations can potentially make use of the tool. Here’s an overview.

What is Weathervane?

Weathervane is an application-level benchmarking tool. You can use it to place a controlled load on a computing environment by deploying a realistic application and then simulating how users might interact with it.

There are three main components of Weathervan: an Auction application, workload driver, and run harness. Then there are also some supporting tools like scripts to set up an operating system instance with all of the software needed to run Weathervane.

How can you use Weathervane?


To actually use the newly open-sourced Weathervane, you can customize almost every aspect of its deployment. So you can use it to suit a wide range of performance evaluation tasks.

Because of that, the ways you can deploy Weathervane vary widely. For instance, you can run the service instances of the Auction application directly on the operating system or deploy them in Docker containers. And there are plenty of other advanced features and customization capabilities outlined by VMware as well.

What’s in store for Weathervane’s future?

The VMware team plans to continue working on Weathervane to make it easier to use. Future enhancements being considered include the addition of new performance metrics, improved reporting and monitoring, and more applications for deployment under test. And the company is also inviting the wider community to participate in shaping its future direction. That’s really the best part of open source.

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