Webcast: Exchange 2007 Security: On-Premise vs. Hosted

Exchange 2007 Security: On-Premise vs. Hosted is an on-demand webcast, sponsored by Intermedia.

One of the biggest concerns businesses have in moving to a hosted MS Exchange service is that of security, believing that their business email is more secure in an on premise deployment. But is that really the case? This webinar will explore the relative security of Microsoft Exchange in an on premise deployment vs. a hosted deployment and debunk some common security myths about hosted Exchange security.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • The differences in security between Exchange 2007 in an on premise vs. a hosted solution.
  • Common security myths for hosted Exchange, and how to debunk them.
  • How Intermedia addresses security for its hosted Exchange 2007 solutions.

Danny Essner, Director of Marketing, Intermedia
As Director of Marketing for Intermedia, Danny is responsible for all customer and channel partner acquisition and retention strategies for Intermedia’s Microsoft Exchange hosting and SaaS offerings. Prior to joining Intermedia, Danny ran marketing and channel development at Linux-based Exchange alternative Scalix and Linux-based operating system and management tools software company, Xandros, where he helped negotiate strategic relationships with Microsoft and Red Hat.

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