Webcast: Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange on VMware vSphere 4

Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange on VMware vSphere 4: Reduce Costs, Increase Performance and Maximize Availability is an on-demand webcast available from the VMware site.

Many customers are looking to upgrade their existing Exchange environments, and this is the perfect time to virtualize business-critical Exchange environments to cut costs, increase availability and transform e-mail into a dynamic IT service. With VMware vSphere™ 4, all the barriers to virtualizing Exchange have been removed. In fact, a virtualized Exchange deployment will not only match, but exceed the performance achieved on physical servers. Plus, you will receive the same level of support on virtual machines from Microsoft as you have been receiving on physical servers.
View this webcast to learn how VMware can benefit your Exchange environment, including:

  • Main use cases for virtualizing Exchange
  • Performance of Exchange on the VMware vSphere virtualization platform
  • Microsoft SVVP certification for Exchange
  • Overview of technical benefits including availability, fast provisioning and scalability

Featured Speaker:
Gaetan Castelein, Group Manager, Product Marketing, VMware

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