Webinar: How Exchange 2010 Handles Archiving and Retentions

How Exchange 2010 Handles Archiving and Retentions – What’s there and what isn’t? is a free on-demand webinar sponsored by Mimosa Systems.

In this webcast, learn more about the buzz surrounding Exchange 2010’s archiving and retention capabilities. Discover how the features of this technology can improve message management and ensure compliance requirements are met. Get a handle on expanding email volume with Exchange 2010 archiving functionalities.

Michael B Smith
Microsoft Exchange MVP and Managing Partner, The Essential Exchange
Michael B. Smith is an Exchange MVP and owns a consulting firm specializing in Exchange Server and Active Directory. Michael is a well-known writer for WindowsITPro and Exchange Messaging & Outlook and recently completed his second book, Monitoring Exchange Server 2007 with System Center Operations Manager. He was technical editor for two O’Reilly Media books: Active Directory, 4th Ed. and Active Directory Cookbook, 3rd Ed. Read his blog at http://TheEssentialExchange.com/blogs/michael
Martin Tuip
Microsoft Exchange MVP and Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, Mimosa Systems
Martin Tuip has more than 15 years of IT experience in messaging and is a widely known technical expert on archiving and records management. He is the webmaster of resource sites for both Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint and blogs at www.archiving101.com. Martin has presented on archiving and messaging at numerous of venues around the globe including Microsoft Teched and Interact and is a published author and a ten-time Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server.

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