Week 9 Link Dump

Spy agencies in the UK, Australia and the US have internally banned using Lenovo PCs because of remote access vulnerabilities that were discovered during testing:


List of all major IP address blocks allocated for each country:


Researchers with IOActive say they can shut down a plant from up to 40 miles away by attacking industrial sensors:


The PRISM revelations are also making it harder for US companies to get new business abroad:


A British-based computer scientist has been banned from publishing an academic paper revealing the secret codes used to start luxury cars including Porsches, Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis:


The pornography filtering system praised by David Cameron is controlled by the controversial Chinese company Huawei:


A security firm says it has identified the first known malicious use of Android’s “master key” vulnerability:


A leading Chinese hacker who used to attack American targets in the name of patriotism is now sharing his skills with Western multinational firms:


How can you protect yourself from online snooping? Reporters Without Borders has published an Online Survival Kit on its WefightCensorship.org website with tools and practical advice that will help protect your communications and data:


This first report builds a model to scope the direct losses from cybercrime and cyber espionage:


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