Western Digital urges customers to update My Cloud

Western Digital is warning its customers about upcoming changes that require their attention. In a post titled “Important Security Updates for Your My Cloud Device,” the San Jose-based hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage supplier stated the following:

“On January 15, 2022, devices that are compatible with My Cloud OS 5 will no longer support prior generations of the My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3. If your device is compatible, you must upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 to continue to access your device remotely. If you don’t upgrade your device to My Cloud OS 5 by this deadline, you will only be able to access it locally. After January 15, 2022, remote access, security updates, and technical support will no longer be provided for My Cloud OS 3.”

The notice goes on to state that April 15, 2022 will be the date that support for all legacy devices ends. Much like the update affecting current My Cloud compatible devices, no technical support or remote access will be allowed.

In order to keep cybersecurity at the forefront, it is inevitable that prior versions of a product may be no longer supported. Each update brings new features that require constant monitoring and patch support. Running legacy software and keeping it updated eventually becomes a difficult task for some; this is clearly the case with My Cloud and its owner Western Digital.

The hope with the April 15, 2022 deadline is obviously that My Cloud legacy users will get OS 5 compatible devices. From the date of the notice (December 15, 2021), this leaves roughly four months for customers to either update or find another service. Whether this is enough time remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, cutting off remote access to out-of-date cloud devices is a necessary cybersecurity measure. Users will be put at risk, and Western Digital would be held accountable, if a cyberattack occurred via exploiting an unsupported legacy system.

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