Network Printing

Setting up a Printing via a Network follows very much the same procedure as accessing a Disk-resource via the network:
1) Share the Printer

On the system, to which the
printer is connected,
make sure, that in the
File and printer sharing
for Microsoft Networks

is installed.
Check its configuration
by clicking on the button:
File and Print Sharing
window :
“File and Print Sharing”
Make sure to have the
checkmark on:
– I want to be able to allow others
to print to my primter(s)I

In “MyComputer”, open the
folder “Printers”,select
your printer and select
from the “Context-Menu”:
Printer Properties:
tab: “Sharing”:
Select “Shared as:
define a Sharename
(ending the sharename with
a $-sign hides the printer)
Your printer is now
a “shared Network Resource”,
indicated by a “hand holding
the printer” under the printer icon.

2) Accessing the printer via the Network:

On the other systems on the network, a shared printer
is shown in the “Network Neighborhood” as an
available resource.

To install the network-printer:

In “MyComputer“, open the
folder “Printers” and start:
Add Printer

This starts the
Add Printer
select “Next
Select:”Network Printer”,
the “Next
Enter “Network Path”
(if you know it), better:
use “Browse” to locate
the printer and just pick
it from the list.
The system shows then the
Network-path of the printer
in UNC-format:
You can also define, if you
need to print from MS-DOS
based programs, then select
Next” to continue.
Define the “Printer-name”,
as you like to see it yourself,
and whether this printer should
be your “Default Printer”,
then “Next” to continue.
when asked :
“Would you like to print a Test-Page:”
select “Yes” as recommended,
then”Finish” to continue.
You are finished:
The printer will appear in
the folder “Printers”,
and the system will prompt you
to confirm, that the test-page
was printed properly.

You are now able from any application to use this printer.

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