What the Helion?

Last week we discussed on the In Tech We Trust podcast that HP was shutting down its Helion public cloud offering. This week I’ve been working with the vBrownBag crew at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo and there have been a ton of HP Helion TechTalks! I was a little confused. 

After asking around and checking into it a bit, I was informed there are actually four different offerings from HP Helion. This is totally abnormal. VMware has a similar offering with vCloud Air where you can have a managed VDC, or a more expensive option of having multiple VDCs (Virtual Data Centers). The problem with HP is that the messaging has been so confusing that it was hard to decipher what was going on. So apparently they are still offering HP Helion private cloud solutions, but the public offering is shutting down.

Bill Hilf, SVP and GM, HP Cloud said in a blog that they have made the decision to double down on their private and managed cloud solutions. For more information, you can read his guest post here.

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