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bes12 feat resized 600Mobile security and enterprise after BYOD adoption are receiving a lot of attention of late. BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows corporations to remotely manage a fleet of mobile devices and applications while providing encryption, containerization and other features to improve security.

As more and more corporate employees bank on their mobile devices and applications for an increasing part of their personal and corporate computing needs data theft, electronic eavesdropping trend have made enterprises and mobile companies place a greater emphasis on mobile security. Considering the number of manufacture and the devices are coming out these days Blackberry 12 is an answer for the security, encryption and control needed on these devices.

With BES 12, BlackBerry is looking to rectify some of the shortcomings of its previous iteration of the software, BES 10, like drawbacks on having another instance of BB management studio to manage MDM. BES 12 will enhance the cross platform capabilities that were already available in BES 10 software while also unifying support for BES 10 with BES 5.

This would make it simpler for organizations to operate BB7, BB10 and other third-party devices on a single infrastructure without having to run multiple versions of the software.

BES12 platform will focus on delivering the following core capabilities

  • Backwards Compatible and Future Proof.
  • Enhanced Multi-Platform Support.
  • Supports all deployment models, including on-premise, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Mobilize Apps.
  • Enterprise Application Ecosystem.

Now with such an MDM solution anyone would look out for a monitoring solution without the hassle of writing scripts to manage the services and the processes that make BES12 do what is meant for. GSX solutions is going to monitor your BES12 environment out of the box and look and alert on all those critical services that BES12 infrastructure depends upon.

How about a robot user checks your Active Sync protocol with Authentication and alerts you in case it fails. Active Sync URL is one of the key elements in BES12 via which all the devices will be making a connection. On the other hand GSX Analyzer trends all the monitoring data for the size, availability and growth of your BES12 infrastructure and provides you with automatic reporting. GSX monitoring for BES12 will also take care of other key elements for example critical services needed in order to BES12 to operate.


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