What is ISA Server 2000.

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The ISA Server 2000 demo is a self-running demo with narration. It is designed for a screen resolution of 800×600. If you are running the demo at a screen resolution higher than 800×600, turn off full screen mode by typing CTRL+F. The demo runs for approximately 11 minutes and 30 seconds and will automatically loop and restart when it reaches the end.

  • To launch the demo, click the file named ISAS_Demo.exe and select “Save to Disk”
  • Locate the ISAS_Demo.exe file on your hard disk.
  • To begin the presentation, double-click the ISAS_Demo.exe and click anywhere on the screen.
  • To stop the demo, click anywhere on the screen. Click again to restart the current section of the presentation.
  • To close the demo, press CTRL+W. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+F to resume the higher-resolution screen mode and select File and then Exit.

Click here to Download Demo: ISAS_Demo.exe

Best Windows Integration

ISA Server was designed for the Windows 2000 platform, taking advantage of advanced OS technologies including management, networking and authentication services. In addition, Windows integration makes it easier for administrators to work with other Microsoft applications like Exchange and NetMeeting.

  • Active Directory– ISA Server can leverage the Windows 2000 Active Directory to provide scaleable and centralized administration of Windows Users & Groups, ISA Access Policies, and ISA Server Configuration information.
  • Networking and Security Features– ISA Server takes advantage of Windows networking features such as the built-in Virtual Private Networking for secure connectivity and QoS for bandwidth prioritization.
  • Windows technologies & Windows-based applications– ISA Server leverages core OS services like authentication, Event logs and the MMC administration tool. Support for Windows applications like Exchange Server, NetMeeting and Windows Media makes configuring and managing application access easier.


Integrated Firewall and Web Cache Management

ISA Server’s unified management addresses the challenge of managing both network security and web performance. From a single interface, administrators can set access policies that are applied to both the firewall and the cache, providing consistent control over Internet access.

  • Unified Policy and Access Control – Whether deployed as a firewall or web cache server, ISA Server manages Internet access consistently with access control policies. Access restrictions placed on the firewall are applied to the web cache server as well.
  • Unified Management – Administrators will benefit from using a single management interface for firewall and web caching. The firewall and web cache share the same logging, reporting and alerting services of ISA Server.


Scaling Up and Scaling Out for the Enterprise

ISA Server is built for the Enterprise. The tiered policies provide a scaleable management model that makes it simple to extend the number of clients and ISA Servers managed. Performance also scales to meet the growing needs of large organizations with technologies such as SMP, NLB and CARP.

  • Tiered Policy Management – ISA Server provides tiered policies that allow servers to have local array policies while inheriting enterprise wide policies. Administrators can also delegate various levels of ISA administration in distributed deployments.
  • Scale Up Performance – ISA Server was designed to scale up with multiple processors by optimizing for Windows 2000 Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP). Unlike many other products, ISA utilizes the extra processing power to boost performance.
  • Scale Out Performance -ISA Server uses the Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB) Services and Caching Array Routing Protocol (CARP) to provide fault-tolerance, high availability, efficiency, and performance through the clustering of multiple ISA Server machines.
Lower TCO

ISA Server lowers the total cost of ownership for firewall and web caching by providing integrated services, familiar management tools, and an open platform for product extensions. Customers will benefit from the value of integrated robust features and an extensible investment.

  • Integrated Services – Unlike other vendors that require separate purchases, ISA Server integrates services such as firewall, web cache, basic intrusion detection, reporting, VPN, and bandwidth management into a single product.
  • Leverage existing Windows skills – Administrators can leverage their current Windows knowledge and skills and focus on security issues and policy definition, rather than learning a new UI or tool set.
  • Works with what you have -ISA Server can operate in a mixed OS environment with Microsoft’s SecureNAT technology. ISA Server provides transparent services to clients and servers, allowing administrators to work with their existing computing platforms.
  • Extensible Open Platform – With an extensive SDK and APIs, ISA Server has industry-wide 3rd party vendor support to provide value-added security, management and caching applications. ISA Server will provide an open platform that will ensure customers will continue to receive value as their security, performance and management needs evolve.

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