What’s New in Network Enhancements in Windows 7

What’s new in networking enhancements in Windows 7?

Check out this list:

  • DirectAccess – this is a new type of “always on” VPN that connects your computing to the corporate network automatically. Users don’t even need to log on!
  • BranchCache – This is the technology you’ve been waiting for. Now you can get rid of your expensive WAN accelerators can use BranchCache, which comes with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7, at no extra cost
  • VPN Reconnect – Allows users with WWAN connections to move from tower to tower and have the VPN reconnect automatically as they move between towers or through tunnels
  • Mobile Broadband – People are using new wireless broadband cards in their laptops in increasing amounts. Now you can use built in Windows 7 networking to manage those cards and don’t need third party software to shim it into your mobile fleet
  • URL-based Quality of Service – Use Group Policy to give QoS priority value to your key Web servers, while letting surfing to Facebook have a low priority.
  • DNS Security Extensions – use DNSSEC to make sure that only authenticated clients can connect to your DNS servers
  • Improved Power Management – wireless connections can now take advantage of reduced power mode without the reconnection hassles you had in the past. Also, if you’re on a wired network, power to the NIC will be disconnected if the NIC itself is disconnected from the network.

There’s a lot of good stuff happening on the network and security front for Windows 7. Check out more details at




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