What’s New in UAG Application Wrappers

image “…AppWrap (Application Wrapper) is an IAG and UAG XML configuration file that enables manipulating HTTP responses on their way back from the backend web server to the client.

In IAG 2007, approximately 30 such files existed, since each AppWrap file was used for a different type of single-application trunk (for example, one AppWrap file was used for a trunk publishing Outlook Web Access 2003, and another AppWrap file for a trunk publishing Outlook Web Access 2007), as well as for portal trunks.

Since single-application trunks are not used in UAG (with the exception of publishing an Active Directory Federation Server), we are left with one main AppWrap file, which is the one used for portal trunks (two versions of this file exist – for HTTP and HTTPS trunks – but they are very similar).

After removing a large amount of manipulation configurations, the files became much clearer and maintainable, as their size was reduced to about 1/3 of their size on IAG 2007…”

For more information in changes in AppWrap with UAG, check out:




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