What’s new in VMware View 5?

At VMworld, VMware announced a new version of View, the company’s desktop virtualization product. View has become a powerful tool by which many organizations have streamlined desktop operations and enabled new ways by which employees can access organizational resources. The new View has a whole lot of new goodies that make it an even more useful tool than it already is. Here is a sampling of what’s new in View 5:

  • vSphere 5 support. It’s no surprise that View 5 includes support for VMware’s latest hypervisor.
  • PCoIP optimization control. One big issue with PCoIP has been its bandwidth hungry nature. With optimization controls, VMware claims that View 5 can use up to 75% less bandwidth than older versions.
  • View Persona Management. Associates a user persona to stateless desktops which allows IT administrators to more easily deploy and manage stateless desktops to more user while still enabling users to personalize their environments.
  • Integrated Unified Communications. VMware has partnered with multiple unified communications vendors to provide integrated UC capabilities within View.
  • 3D graphics support. View 5 enables basic 3D services like Aero, Office 2010 and those using OpenGL or DirectX to operate inside View.
  • Android client. VMware is now making available a View client for Android devices.

View 5 is definitely worth a look.

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