When was Windows NT started?

To find out how long the NT workstation or server service has been running,
issue the following from the command-line:

net statistics workstation | more

net statistics server | more

The more filter is required since the time is
displayed first and then a lot of other statistics which scroll the screen. This
is equivalent to how long the box has been up unless the particular service has
been stopped. If the times match for workstation and server service, you got it.

The NT Server Resource Kit utility, srvinfo will
display total uptime as one of its options. When you run srvingo, the output
will look something like this:

Server Name: NTSERVER
Security: Users
NT Type: WinNT Server
Version: 4.0, Build = 1381, CSD = Service Pack 4, RC 1.99
Domain: DOMAIN1
IP Address:
CPU[0]: x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 3
Hotfixes: [Q147222]:
Drive: [FileSys] [Size] [Free]
[Stopped] Alerter

The command line switches for srvinfo are:

 -ns: Do NOT show any service information.
-d: Show service drivers and service.
-v: Get version info for Exchange and SQL.
-s: Show shares.

Mark Russinovich’s freeware utility PSUpTime will display uptime also.

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