Where the jobs are: Cyber security industry is growing & changing

Many IT pros are worried about the futures of their jobs these days. Will continuing economic problems cause companies to cut back even further? Will “the cloud” move in and shut down companies’ in-house data centers? Will new technologies that are easier to manage mean more experienced admins fighting for fewer positions?

One area of IT that’s still looking pretty bright is the security field. As Internet access becomes ubiquitous, cyber security becomes more and more important. Attackers are getting more sophisticated and better organized, and the attack surface is becoming greater, with new opportunities for the bad guys coming in the form of mobile devices and remote access technologies.

According to this article in CSO Online, the cyber security market grew from $34 billion to $40 billion from 2009 to 2010, and may be up to as much as $120 billion by 2015. For details, check it out here:


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