Why Upgrading from the ISA to the TMG Firewall is a Good Thing

imageOK – I understand. The ISA 2004 or 2006 firewall you’re using has been doing a great job and has been rock solid over the years. Why should you upgrade that ISA firewall to TMG when the ISA firewall has been working like a champ all these years?

There are several good reasons – some of them include:

  • TMG firewalls have built in URL filtering
  • TMG firewalls support outbound SSL bridging, which enables SSL inspection (which prevents malware from hiding from the firewall)
  • TMG firewalls include the Network Inspection System (NIS), which enables robust network level IDS/IPS
  • TMG firewalls include strong web antimalware capabilities right out of the box
  • TMG firewalls are native 64 bit firewalls, which makes them more scalable, more stable, and more secure than 32 bit solutions

For more details on all the advantages of upgrading those ISA firewalls to TMG, check out the ISA Team Blog over at:




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