Will VMware ever buy Teradici?

VMware seems to be in a buying mood with the recent acquisition of RTO, so why doesn’t VMware buy Teradici? After all, VMware and Teradici put a lot of effort into co-developing the software based version of PC-over-IP. Alessandro Perilli attempts to answer this question in a recent article on virtualization.info. Alessandro writes, “Nobody really expects that VMware will let Teradici go, but then, why the company has not been acquired? Maybe at the beginning of this partnership, VMware was not 100% confident in the capability to deliver a satisfying software-only version of PCoIP, but now? Is it possible that VMware prefers to get involved in a bid war to keep control of PCoIP in case of an unsolicited proposal for Teradici rather than just buying its partner at a fair price today? Or there are other reasons that impede the acquisition and the current technology partnership is the only way to circumvent them?”

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