Will Windows 8 RT really pose a security threat?

PC World printed an article yesterday with a headline that’s sure to draw attention: Windows 8 RT Poses Security Dilemma. The author contends that because the edition of Windows 8 known as Windows RT will run on ARM processors, and thus won’t run traditional x86/x64 software, it will put users at risk of security problems. The premise is that they won’t be able to run their usual antivirus/antimalware software. The other “problem” cited is that users may be limited to using IE when in “classic” mode.

How valid are these concerns? Should we perhaps be comparing apples to, well, Apples? Windows RT is designed to run on tablets. So when it comes to security, the important question is whether it will be more secure than the alternatives in that form factor: the iPad and Android tablets. Microsoft says it will; Windows RT devices will support corporate policy compliance. Read more here:


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