Win the War of the Interfaces

Great blog post by Ben Ari about fixing interface issues with the UAG and TMG firewall:

“In a recent blog post ( , I discussed a situation where one or more of the virtual interfaces used by DA can go bad, and suggested a procedure to reset them by removing them from the device manager, and installing them. Since then, my good friend Ricardo Polo from Brazil has written a tool called “Reset IPv6”, which can do the same task automatically. The tool’s features are:

· Uses the Windows 7 Troubleshooting platform to provide the best experience.

· Detects if the computer really has a problem with the interfaces before doing anything

· Uninstalls and re-install all Teredo, 6to4, IPHTTPS and ISATAP virtual adapters.

· Reset the IPv6 stack to default settings.

· Triggers a full group policy update…”

Check out the tool that helps you fix the problem at:



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