Win9x and Windows 2000 and DOS

Windows 2000 is an enhanced version of NT, not an enhanced version of Windows 98
or Windows 95. If you are a Win9x user and a game player, you could run your
games in a pure DOS environment by rebooting Win9x to load a pure DOS
environment. This is not available under Windows NT or Windows 2000. DOS
compatibility is the same in Windows NT and Windows 2000. There is no DOS code
in either. What you have available is a DOS shell which emulates the DOS
operating system. As an emulator it will be slower than
real DOS. As an emulator, the compatibility is not perfect. There are DOS
programs that will run in a real DOS but which will fail in the Windows NT or
Windows 2000 DOS shell. Luckily Windows NT and Windows 2000 support dual boot
such that you can have your cake and eat it too: run either Win9x or Windows
2000 at your choice. Be sure to install Win9x first and then install Windows
2000 into a separate partition.

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  1. I have installed windows 2000 a few weeks ago, and there is some games is played on DOS only. If I setup a partition that only run MS-DOS, is that okay? Can you show me and other how to do it?

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