Win9x user accounts become workstation Administrators after upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional

This might be considered a Gotcha! if your site restricts workstation admin rights to installers or a restricted set of users. If all workstation users have administrative rights, no problem. If you haven’t thought about the issue, start thinking.

I believe the Windows File Protection (WFP) feature of Windows 2000 obviates the primary reason for restricting admin access to the NT workstation. In an NT4 environment, admin access allowed for the user to install any application and overwrite critical system components. I may change my opinion when push comes to shove once hundreds of W2k workstations are installed at work. Let me know whether you agree or disagree and why on the issue of Granting Admin Rights to Windows 2000 Professional Users

I haven’t seen a way to change the default. After installation, move the user accounts from the local Administrators group to the local Users group.

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