Windows 10 update may not hit some users until November

If you’re a Windows 10 user waiting for the Windows 10 Anniversary update, you might have to wait a lot longer.

Though the update was released back in the first week of August, a lot of users have not received it. And according to several reports, some may have to have to wait until November.

It’s not uncommon for updates to have staggered roll outs. Android is most especially notorious in this area because so many brands and carriers use the operating system and each has to tweak the updates to work properly on their offered devices. But in Microsoft’s case, the staggered roll out is presumed to help the company keep track on what’s working and what issues or problems the update delivers to each type of machine it is installed on. One of the reasons for the delay: Microsoft is said to be obsessed with telemetry in Windows 10, a feature that lets the company know a wide range of activity on a user’s machine, despite privacy concerns over the feature.

Waiting for Windows

Microsoft says Windows 10 has been installed on more than 350 million machines since it debuted in July 2015. With that many users, it may make sense to stagger the Anniversary update, which is massive in size and scope. “Ensuring our customers have a positive experience with our products and services is incredibly important to us and we take the quality and reliability of our software seriously,” Microsoft said in a statement. “When we deliver updates to more than 350 million devices, those builds have gone through extensive internal and external testing.” Some of the “external testing” may be in the form feedback from early adopters of the Anniversary update, which has already been tweaked with smaller updates.

If you really want the Anniversary update, you can use the Windows 10 Upgrade Tool here. But with numerous bugs such as bricked webcams, frozen computers, and other incompatibility issues, should one really be in a hurry to upgrade? If your answer is still yes, better backup your files just to be sure.

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