Windows 2003 SP2 and ISA 2004/6 Enterprise Edition

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For those of you who are considering deployment of Windows 2003 SP2 on your ISA 2004 or 2006 CSS server, you better be reading the SP2 relnotes (you better be doing it anyway, yanumpty).

The short story is this. If you install WS03 SP2 over ADAM RTM (as is delivered in ISA 2004 & 2006 for WS03 RTM & SP1), you will break ADAM. This does not occur if your ADAM instance was installed as part of WS03 R2. Otherwise, you *MUST* get and install ADAM SP1 before installing WS03 SP2.

You can get ADAM SP1 (already part of WS03 R2) here:

You can get Windows 2003 SP2 here:

You can check out the readme here:

You can get the WS03 SP2 Relnotes here:  

Ain’t life grand?

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