Windows 7 Federated Search Rocks

image If there’s one thing that makes a difference in terms of getting your work done, it’s being able to find the information you need. It doesn’t matter how many productivity application you have, it doesn’t matter how power those applications might be, and it doesn’t matter how new they are, if you can’t find that piece of information you need to plug into those applications.

I know that’s always been the case for me. I’m a packrat. In my small business I’ve amassed over 500 GB of information on my network. I mean 500 GB of “useful” information, not the typical stuff that fills hard disks over time. That’s 500 GB of information that needs to be searched on a regular basis to find names, technical details, email conversations etc. that I need to get to quick to solve problems and answer questions.

That’s where the coolness of Windows 7 comes in. The Windows 7 indexing service totally rocks. Yes, I know that previous versions of Windows had an indexing service, but it never seemed to do what you wanted it to do, or it was painfully slow. Not so in Windows 7!

Check out a nice article on the Windows 7 Search feature by Derek Schauland over at:



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