Windows 7, TrueCrypt and KB4530734 – Configuring Windows Boot Loop

In case you are using Windows 7 with System Disk encrypted by TrueCrypt(Possibly VeraCrypt is affected as well) and boot password you might encounter an issue with Windows 7 update kb4530734.
Installation of the update might cause a permanent boot loop with Windows being stuck at Configuring Windows screen.

Do not despair!

  • Hard reset your windows 7, insert TrueCrypt password to start booting and press F8 repeatedly.
  • Windows 7 will present you with boot options. Boot into safe mode (you might want to opt safe boot with networking as it may come in handy later).
  • When Windows finishes loading, login as the administrator(or user with admin privileges)and launch TrueCrypt utility.
  • In TrueCrypt window start decryption of the system disk. This will take a while.
  • When decryption is finished reboot the system.
  • Windows will load successfully.

It is your choice now whether you want to stick to TrueCrypt(and encrypt system again) or finally update to Windows 10 and use Bitlocker(at least Pro edition is required) instead.

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