Windows 8 Modern UI apps and TMG 2010

Windows 8 is like the truth: It’s “out there.” And although it’s not being widely deployed in the enterprise yet, more and more businesses are going to be using it as they replace old computers with new ones. As we all know, Windows 8 runs two kinds of applications: traditional desktop apps and the new “modern UI” apps written specifically for Windows 8 and Windows RT (formerly known as Metro apps).

If you deploy Windows 8 clients behind a TMG 2010 firewall, though, you might run into a problem that some folks are seeing: when you try to access the Windows Store through its app, you get an error message that says your PC isn’t connected to the Internet – even though it obviously is since you can access web sites with IE (both desktop and modern versions). What’s up with that?

Well, Richard Hicks dug into the problem and figured out what the problem is and, more important, what you need to do to fix it. See his solution at:

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