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This free app from Shadowfax lets you securely monitor your Azure SQL Databases via an SSL connection to keep tabs on their availability and health. Login with your Azure credentials and it will monitor the databases hosted on that instance. You’ll see a graphical representation of the monitoring details, including graphs on Monitor CPU, Memory, IO consumption. You’ll also see the database sizes and active connection details. It even lists the top 5 CPU consuming queries and top 5 tables based on size.


This is a free SQLite database manager app from COM-ADD, which is supported on Windows 10 Mobile devices in addition to Windows 8.1 and 10 desktops. It’s bilingual, supporting the English and French languages. The app allows you to open existing SQLite database files on your devices, such as from free software like Mozilla Firefox, to explore or manipulate the data or settings. You can create databases as well. Even if you don’t require accessing the databases, perhaps utilize the app to get some hands-on experience to help learn SQL. You can manage Tables (Fields, Index and Triggers) and Views (Triggers). Utilize forms to INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE a line in a Table. You can enter and execute SQL requests too, giving you explanations of the SELECT requests. You can also import and export database files and dump databases.

Mobile Cloud Manager

This is an app from H&D International for monitoring resource usage and managing your Azure web apps, virtual machines and cloud services, excluding Azure China. It’s bilingual, supporting the English and Deutsch languages. In addition to supporting Windows 8.1 and 10 desktops, it can run on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. After the 7-day free trial, the Pro edition is $2.99, otherwise you can run the Free edition with limited functionality. The Free edition supports managing multiple Azure accounts and subscriptions, monitoring resources usage, and starting and stopping single or bulk Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and Groups. Having quick and easy access can help you control and reduce your Azure operating costs. The Pro features add the ability to start, stop, and manage your Web Apps, view cost information, and ability to delete the Web Apps, Cloud Services and Virtual Machines within the app. The Pro edition also adds the ability to group and sort Virtual Machines and pin to Start.

My Azure Dashboard

InfiniteSquare offers this free app you can utilize to manage your Windows Azure virtual machines directly from your Windows PC or tablet. In addition to monitoring the status of your virtual machines, you can start or stop your virtual machines. It supports pinning to Start as well. This is similar to Mobile Cloud Manager, but is more basic and doesn’t provide as much functionality.

My Server & My Server 2012 R2

These are free apps from Microsoft itself to help you monitor and manage Windows Server 2012 Essentials or Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, respectively. You can perform basic admin tasks, such as managing users, devices and alerts, of your local or remote Windows Server. It also notifies you of any status alerts or warnings. You can also access files and SharePoint shares for downloading or uploading files and viewing or playing media files. It includes offline support as well, that will auto sync any changes when online again. 


This is a free interactive reference app by Martin McClean you can utilize to discover and learn about Microsoft’s IT products and solutions. It’s great for IT students, entry-level professionals, and even long-time admins wanting to discover new Microsoft technologies. It runs on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile in addition to Windows PCs. It takes a unique approach by presenting the information in technical posters and images with graphs, diagrams, and other visual elements, all official images provided by Microsoft. The app also gives links directly to Microsoft TechNet and Microsoft MSDN content for further details. So the app is not unique content per se, but the app conveniently categories the technical posters by the product or service: Windows Server, Cloud Architecture, Office, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Business Intelligence, Solutions, Microsoft Azure, Lync Server, and System Center. Each category has anywhere from 1 to 23 related posters or images listed. The app provides a built in zooming function and sharing ability.

SQL Server InTouch Free & SQL Server InTouch

This app from Sig Logik ApS allows you to connect to SQL servers to view and manipulate the SQL databases. The Free edition can only run on mobile devices with Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile, while the Paid edition that costs $5.99 after a free trial can also install on desktop versions of Windows. The Free edition allows you to browse tables (columns, indexes, keys, triggers, and constraints), views (columns, indexes, and triggers), stored procedures (parameters and definition), and functions (parameters and definition). However, SQL queries with the Free edition are limited to 10 rows in the results. The full paid version supports additional functionality, such as the ability to create SQL queries from tables and views and create definitions for stored procedures and functions. It also enables you to save logins and passwords and SQL queries, and the ability to pin a SQL Server connection to Start.

SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shorts

This is a free reference app from dmpapps you can use to browse and discover useful keyboard shortcuts for the SQL Server Management Studio. The main menu lists many categories of commands, such as cursor movements, bookmarks, and code editing. Then on each categories page, titles are displayed with keyboard shortcuts along with a quick description of the command or action. The Share action of the app allows you to save or send a screenshot of the app. Some categories have fewer tiles or shortcuts shown, while other pages you must scroll down to see them all.

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