Windows Hello now works with Token for added security

Windows Hello, the password alternative from Microsoft that delivers enterprise-grade security, now works with Token, a biometric identity ring that streamlines the authentication process. Microsoft announced this new partnership recently, explaining how the addition of Token to Windows Hello can benefit enterprises and other organizations.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a setting on Windows 10 devices that allows you to sign in using fingerprint or face-recognition technology rather than entering in a password. The idea is that this is both an easier process for the user and more difficult for hackers to steal or replicate. Windows Hello already works with the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and most PCs with fingerprint readers.


Token is a biometric device that users can wear to easily log in to devices and accounts. It uses a fingerprint sensor on the inside of the ring. While the ring is on, Token locks users’ credentials, so you can authenticate with just a hand tap. Token can also be used to save credit card information and serve as smart house or car keys. Token rings are set to begin shipping toward the end of 2017. They’re available for preorder now.

Windows Hello + Token

Essentially, this partnership makes logging into Windows 10 devices and accounts easier for users, without compromising security. It’s a two-factor authentication process that combines something you have and some piece of information only you know.

Using Token is not a mandate for those interested in using Windows Hello. You can still use the settings that already exist on Windows 10 devices. But if you’re interested in integrating a wearable device or using the product for other purposes like payments or smart locks, then you can also take advantage of the easy sign-in capabilities. And Microsoft said in the company announcement that it will continue to work with partners like Token to offer even more security options in the future.

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