Windows IT Pro (Sponsored) Whitepapers

I must confess I’m not an huge fan of sponsored whitepapers, but I must admit, if you read them carefully and if you are able to filter most of the marketing stuff, most of them end up by being pretty useful.

That’s why I would like to recommend these 2 from Windows IT Pro:

  • Continuous Data Protection and Recovery for Microsoft Exchange – In spite of advances in technology, most organizations are relying on backup techniques that are very similar to those used several decades ago. Although these techniques are known to be reliable, they are rapidly becoming impractical in today’s world. In this white paper, Brien M. Posey will discuss the reasons why tried and true backup techniques are no longer a viable option.
  • The Essential Guide to Exchange Server Consolidation – Microsoft has steadily improved the scalability, availability and performance of Exchange Server since its initial release. In many environments, Microsoft’s standard recommendations for sizing and configuring servers work perfectly well. However, there are several additional ways in which you can optimize Exchange architecture designs to reduce cost and increase service levels.

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