Windows Mobile 6

Microsoft officially announced Windows Mobile 6 at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. The new version has some great improvements, so you may expect a richer messaging experience.

Windows Mobile 6 offers a genuine and familiar messaging and collaboration experience with Microsoft Office Outlook® Mobile. Your mobile workforce can achieve higher levels of productivity away fromthe office with comprehensive access to the messaging applications and information that they rely on every day. Messaging enhancements in Windows Mobile 6 include:

  • Support for HTML e-mail: Improve readability with the ability to send and receive e-mail messages in HTML format, preserving tables, bulleted lists, colored text, links, and inline images.

  • Out of Office Assistant: Retrieve, set, and change your Out of Office status and AutoReply notification from a Windows Mobile 6-powered device.

  • Smart on-device filtering: Search call history, contacts, and e-mail more quickly and efficiently.

  • Fetch mail: Respond faster to e-mail by downloading single e-mail messages in their entirety without having to perform a full Send/Receive synchronization.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Perform common e-mail tasks faster with new keyboard shortcuts for 12-key and 30-key keypad-equipped devices that mimic shortcuts available in Microsoft Office Outlook.

  • Support for message follow-up flags: Increase e-mail efficiency with the ability to flag e-mail messages within your Outlook Mobile inbox.

  • Global Address List: Search for contacts in an Microsoft Exchange Server Address Book, contact them via e-mail, phone calls or text messages, and add contacts to your personal Contacts list.

  • Improved calendar views and meeting attendee tracking: Access enhanced calendar views and contact information to see the status of your meeting attendees, or reply to and forward messages to meeting organizers and other attendees.

  • Exchange e-mail search: Search for any e-mail message stored in an Exchange Server mailbox from your Windows Mobile 6-powered device.

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