Windows Phone 7 Update – an Interview with Andrew Brown

Windows Phone 7 launched in Europe last month and is launching in North America next week. You’ve seen the commercials. You’ve seen the demos. But have you heard much about the update infrastructure we’ve put in place for the devices? Probably not. It’s isn’t as sexy as the glorious AMOLED screens some of these devices have to show off the “Metro” interface. There has however been some discussion on the update process, especially after it became apparent we’ll be releasing some features after the devices are already in the field. You’ve probably heard about Copy/Paste, right?

How is that possible? How does the device know it has an update? How does the update process actually work? Who is allowed to use the update process and what servers are used? IT Pro inquiring minds want to know.

Well one of the Program Managers for Windows Phone, Andrew Brown, was kind enough to let me interview him last week while I was in Seattle.

Check the interview out at

Anderson Patricio
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