Windows PowerShell RC2 Documentation Pack

Windows PowerShell RC2 was released some days ago, now you can put your hands in the Documentation Pack.

The documents included are:

  • The “Getting Started Guide”, a 32-page introduction to using the shell and the Powerscript language supported by the Windows PowerShell (GettingStarted.rtf).
  • A Windows PowerShell Language Quick Reference (quadfold.rtf).
  • The “PowerShell User Guide” (userguide.rtf), a companion document to the Getting Started Guide. You should get yourself familiar with the contents of the Getting Started Guide as this document will build on the content and concepts of the Getting Started document.
    In this guide, you will find the features of the new shell documented with examples of how to use the new shell along with reasons for the behavioral choices that were made as this shell was being built. Also, this document includes examples of how to migrate VBScript to Powerscritp. Lastly, this document contains information for VB and C# developers and how Powerscript differs from those environments and how, as a developer, you can take full advantage of this new shell.

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