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Windows PowerShell_ISE stands for PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment and is a new tool introduced in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. The tool not only allows to create/edit PowerShell scripts but also supports programming features such as IntelliSense, Show-Command, Snippets, Syntax coloring and many more.

The tool ships as a standalone EXE file and can be started by running PowerShell_ISE.EXE.

To open a PowerShell script (PS1) with the the tool, run the following command:

  • PowerShell_ISE.EXE <Path to the PowerShell script>

It is an excellent tool for beginners. If you want to learn PowerShell scripts and commands, it is the best tool Microsoft have ever designed for PowerShell lovers. The Show-Command allows you to learn more quickly and get success at first try!

The Show-Command allows you to list all the PowerShell modules installed on the computer and the properties available with each module. For example, to see all properties of a Get-Service module, you can use the below command. The below command will show a pop-up a window which is actually part of PowerShell_ISE:

  • Show-Command –Name Get-Service

For advanced users, it supports debugging PowerShell script code and it also allows you to use the PowerShell Object Model to add your own object.

Note: Since PowerShell_ISE.EXE is a graphical tool, it is not available on the Server Core installations.


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