Windows Server 2012 Scale-Out File Server for VDI/RDS

Windows Server 2012 has a ton of new features.  One new feature that may not seem so obviously important to VDI and RDS environments the Scale-Out File Servers.  Scale-Out File Servers extended the clustering technology found in Windows Server 2008 and below by allowing active/active file servers for both high availability and scalability.  Prior to Windows Server 2012, file server clusters could only function in an active/passive capacity for HA. 

With Scale-Out File Server, all file shares are online on all nodes simultaneously. File shares associated with this type of clustered file server are called scale-out file shares. This is sometimes referred to as active-active.

VDI in Windows Server 2012 supports using Scale-Out File Server to store server application data. If file server high availability and scalability are important to you, we highly encourage you to check out the new Scale-Out File Server feature in Windows Server 2012, and take full advantage of it for your Windows Server 2012 VDI deployment!

I could have used this features years ago!

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