Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview Released

Microsoft released the tech preview for Windows Server 2016 recently. I haven’t gotten the chance to actually check it out, but what interests me most about this release is that it has Hyper-V Containers. From what I’ve read, this server is basically optimized for container technology. Why is this interesting to me? Because I thought I’d heard through folks that attended DockerCon that there really was no way to put containers directlyon Windows yet.

So, are they still using some sort of “shim” technology to make this happen and is that a reasonable approach? The whole idea of containers is to slim things down and make it even more efficient on hardware resources. But, if we’re adding more software just to make it work, it seems like this is against the whole idea. Of course, just because the TP has been released, that is not the absolute full version. We’ll need to wait for that for at least another few months if not a year to find out what the tech will really look like.

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